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Batch Rendering in Blender is complicated. Modifying scripts and keeping track of them takes time and technical knowledge. Not to mention error prone. The alternative of rendering one-by-one is even more time consuming and tiring.

But it doesn't have to be!

Render+ is a Blender addon that makes batch rendering as simple as clicking a button. Queue render jobs right from Blender's output panel. Setup each job exactly the way you want it and follow their progress in the same UI, or take a walk and let the PC shutdown automatically. Batches keep running even if close Blender. If you change your mind, you can cancel the running job or the entire batch at any time.

Introducting Render+

Crossplatform and cross-engine

Render+ runs in Linux, Mac and Windows. It works with any render engine

Blender supports and can run batches using any Blender version you have on

your computer.

Quick batches: Go even faster

Render+ not only speeds up rendering with batches. It also speeds up setting them up! With Quick Batches you can setup a batch for every camera, marker or view layer in a scene (or from every scene) in one click.

16K renders? No problem!

Most PCs don't have the muscle to render images at 16K, but they can render 8 images at 2K. Split massive renders in batches of smaller images in one click. It also works for smaller images when you can't leave your computer rendering for too long.

Custom Overrides: Complete control

Change anything in a render job. For serious power users.

Render+ has been absolutely crucial in helping our team reach our client deadlines. It makes batch rendering simple with just a few clicks of the mouse; we can set up renders overnight or over the weekend and come back to a completed list of rendered shots or even multiple camera angles in the same scene, all with no downtime. The automatic email notifications, console rendering, custom overrides and great customer support are just icing on the cake. Highly recommended for all Blender professionals!

- Joel Gerlach

Integrate with your professional pipeline

Render+ can easily be integrated into any pipleline or toolchain. You can run custom commands before/after a render or a batch, and before/after each render job. On top of that, batches are  managed by a custom server using a simple REST API. That means you can start and control them with any script or application that can send http requests. Check out the API documentation in the docs.

Automate your renders and sleep easy

There are better things to do than watching the tiles fill up. Render+ can automatically suspend or turn the computer off when it's done rendering. If you want to work on something else while rendering, Render+ can notify you when the rendering is done by playing a sound, sending an email or poping a notification in your desktop (MacOS/Linux only). 

All these options are available to both normal renders and batches. Batch renders can even generate RSS feeds that you can subscribe to.

I have been using Render+ more and more and it is saving me tons of restful sleep time, instead of babysitting Blender.

Duarte Ramos

Always there to help

Few things can be as annoying as coming back to a render and find that you had hidden an object for the viewport but not for rendering. Now it's sticking in the middle of your image. Render+ can help you out by automatically hiding these objects. Not only that, it can also automatically save image renders. Hit F12 without worries!

Analyze your renders

Which frame was the slowest? What was the total rendertime for my animation?

Render+ answers all those questions for you. Statistics are available for both normal and batch renders. Find out the total rendertime for batches and the fastest/slowest job.

Even when using blender to render and turning off the preview of the render, I found resource heavy scenes would require me to babysit the render to watch for crashes. When I switch to render + for the same project, it never crashed during render as of yet. This has been consistent for multiple projects. I don't know why, but I am glad.

Josh Zacharias

Satisfaction Guarantee

If Render+ doesn't work or you're having any kind of trouble, send me an email and we'll sort it out ASAP. And if you're still not satisfied you can get 100% of your money back.

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